September Update part 1

07 September, 2021 - 1 minute read
[personal update]

Hello again!

This first part of the long-coming-two-part blogpost focuses mostly on an update about what I'm doing currently. This was actually supposed to be the second part instead of the first - However, I've run out the clock a bit in regards to the posts' timing, and so this makes more sense to talk about now instead of later :)

In the past few months (February to late July, approximately) I've been working on my Master's thesis. Its title is "MQTT Chaos Engineering for Self-Healing IoT Systems". It was a lot of hard work but in the end, after my presentation on the 14th of July, I scored 17/20. This allowed me to conclude my degree with a GPA of 18/20, which was a great achievement!

As such, I finished my Integrated Master's degree!
I am now officially a Master in Informatics and Computation Engineering! 🎉

I have also been looking for what to do next, of course, and am extremely happy to finally share that I am now working as a Pentester at Integrity!

I arrived home yesterday after a brief visit to Lisbon in which I signed the contract to make this official (at last!)
I also received some loot and new gear to start working!

It seems like I've been able to successfully dive into my area of preference - cybersecurity - and, especially, pentesting!
Let's see how this goes! Wish me luck!

In the second part I'll be focusing on the non-work/college things I've been working on since the last "update" blogpost :) Stay tuned to hear about more of my shenanigans!

I hope you found this quick update interesting in some way. Make sure to stay tuned for what this way comes!
As always: thanks for reading!