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In this blog you can catch up with what I've been up to, be it some thoughts I've had, stuff I've been working on or just generally some rambling nonsense.
Occasionally I'll drop some writeups here too, so stay tuned for that! :)

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Blog Posts:

  1. ångstromCTF 2021 Challenges Writeup (25 minute read) [CTF, writeup, infosec]
  2. Tenable CTF 2021 Challenges Writeup (26 minute read) [CTF, writeup, infosec]
  3. Status Update: December, January and February (4 minute read)
  4. Solo-organizing SINF CTF 2020 (15 minute read) [CTF, infosec]
  5. October Opdate (3 minute read)
  6. DownUnderCTF 2020 Challenges Writeup (28 minute read) [CTF, writeup, infosec]
  7. FWordCTF 2020 Challenges Writeup (35 minute read) [CTF, writeup, infosec]
  8. HTB writeup: Magic (21 minute read) [htb, writeup, infosec]
  9. First HTB writeup (and some notes on writeups themselves): Traceback (16 minute read) [htb, writeup, infosec]
  10. (Finally) Kicking off the blog. whoami and what have I been up to (5 minute read)